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We are a couple that love dogs world and, of course, the wonderful world of Golden Retriever.

We can give you thousand of reasons to have a dog, but we are not talking about that now but telling you about our beginnings in this dogs world.

Everything started with an English cocker spaniel, yeah, it can sound weird cause there are very different breeds, but that’s it.

Since we were children we have had contact with these hairy animals, but it’s not the same playing with your neighbour’s dog or with your father’s dogs, than sharing your house with a very hairy mate.

A year later to get married, we decided that we could increase the family in one more member and, like we love English cocker spaniel, we took ELLIE.

What can we tell about Ellie? There aren’t enough words to explain the love we feel for this little one. When they gave her to us, she weighed about one & a half kilo, she was like a stuffed dog, very grumpy indeed, but lovely.


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Thanks to her wonderful breeder and best person, Olga de Diego (Piedra Tres Cuadernas), we were getting into dog shows world. The first time we took Ellie to one, it was a contest, icebreaker, it was funny because she was too shy, but she got a good grade (or mark) in Female Puppy category.

After living together for a while and thinking about "there are three possible space for two", we decided increase our family again, this time with a Golden Retriever.

Then Maya came to our lives. She got soon a very big size, bigger than Ellie, but they are very good mates no matter their different sizes. About Maya, what can we tell about Maya? Good character, loving, quiet, intelligent, pretty... in a word, Golden.

The longer we spend time with her, the more love we feel for this breed. And that´s why, we decided get into hot water and then VILLA ELLIE Golden Retriever was borned.

A few months later, we get a new puppy, SEASHELL, that is the same way than Maya is. The little one it´s very hairy, very playful and even more loving than Maya.

After some time, Moka comes to ours lifes. In the short time we could enjoy her, she proved us her great character of Golden Retriever. We will never forget how much she gave us in so little time. Thanks Mokita.

After several months of parentheses...we decided to cross Maya and so, Maggie and Marley come to Villa Ellie. They always show us his passion for people and other dogs, especially if it's to play!

Sometime later, it was Seashell's turn. From that litter, Phoebe (Villa Ellie Ada Lovelace) joined "Villa Ellie Team". Every day, we see how happy she's in her life!

In your visit to this website, don´t think you will see mass rearing of dogs, kennels, or something like that. Our little ones and the ones will come are family members, they will never be living money.

Thanks for your time. Enjoy your visit!!
Sergio & Conchi

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